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Bespoke joinery.

At DUGGAN's we use both traditional and conventional methods in our Joinery to ensure we achieve a superior and a long-lasting quality. Whatever your bespoke joinery needs may be you can rest assured you are in the right hands at DUGGAN's. Our team of Joiners have over 30 years of experience in the art of woodworking and are always striving to gain complete client satisfaction and a quality end product.



With great experience in the realms of shopfitting including the full fitment of Restaurants, Coffee Shops and Retail Areas, you can count on us for your shopfitting needs. From a full-fitout to a bespoke counter we're here to make sure quality reaches your expectations. Our team offer full project management from start to finish ensuring the project runs smooth and efficiently. We also offer our services as a sub-contractor providing and fitting joinery products such as bespoke shopfronts, counters, bar-fittings, retail displays and many more.


Prototype, design and manufacture in retail and display.

Bring your design and display ideas to us and let us make them a reality made of traditional and modern materials, you can confidently bring your projects to us where we can take it through the stages of design, prototyping and finally the manufacturing process. Working with past clients creating one of a kind POS stations, interactive systems, bespoke restaurant seating, retail displays, wall systems, ceiling fixtures and many more products we have a great track record in making what seems unachievable, achievable.


Solid surface fabrication.

Registered Corian suppliers and fabricators we assure you that your solid surface needs are in the right hands. With patience and finesse we provide a sleek and unprecedented finish, ranging from formed curve work to exacting lines work we have the experience and the tools to deliver. We offer the full works including an initial site visit to survey and template, fabrication and the full fitment of the solid surface.

If requested we can also supply and fit kitchen ranges and solid surface basins.

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